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The secret to successful dating is to understand yourself and know what you want out of a relationship.The more you know about what suits you and what will bring you fulfilment, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.Obviously if you want to order it by composer then this the best order for the columns. I like how this method of presentation will reduce the number of lines in the table It's just that the existing partial lists are all chronological, and what to me would look good from the ordinary opera fan's point of view (and without him/her having to manipulate the table) would be to show at a glance the range of operas by Mozart, Wagner, Verdi, Strauss, Rossini, Janacek, Weill, Handel, Puccini, Monteverdi, Chabrier, Sullivan, Offenbach, Gounod, Berlioz, Gershwin et al that have (or haven't) been performed/revived by the company, and when.

Am wondering why you don't want to put them in chronological order...?

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We all have them, we all need them and we all want them to be as deep and meaningful as possible for us - except this isn't always the case, and the kinds of relationships that we want aren't always the kinds of relationship that we get.

Personal relationships refer to the connections between people, which are formed through trust and over time.


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